BHP Behind Roll Pan Receiver

Our best selling product, the Behind Roll Pan Receiver Hitch. This receiver will give your truck a sleek look by hiding the receiver behind the roll pan. The license plate hole in the roll pan is then used as the access point for the receiver when towing. We have put a lot of time and effort into perfecting this hitch for all applications of vehicles. Each and every hitch is made to withstand any form of use. From sled pulling to just pulling a trailer down the highway, these hitches are the strongest on the market!

More About BHP Behind Roll Pan Receivers

Sleek and Hidden Sleek and Hidden Placing the receiver behind the roll pan keeps it hidden and out of sight. This provides a cleaner look for your truck.
Easy To Use Easy To Use With the receiver directly behind the roll pan, we utilize the license plate hole to allow easy access when towing.


  • Hidden Sleek Look
  • All Neccesary Hardware Included
  • Powdercoated Black Finish
  • SAE Certified Weight Rated
  • Compatible with our other Hitch Products
  • Lifetime Structural Warranty